[Vivian Krause] Link made between foreign funds, Canadian activists and Alberta's land-locked oil

[Vivian Krause] Link made between foreign funds, Canadian activists and Alberta’s land-locked oil

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[National Post] Alberta is in the final days before an election and the backbone industry of its economy is practically broken because all pipeline projects out of the province have been stalled or ended. This didn’t happen for no reason. This was planned and is precisely what a Rockefeller Brothers Fund campaign was funded to bring about.

VIDEO: [FactPointVideo] This Leadnow.ca ad ran in the weeks before the last federal election in 2015. While organising to achieve a certain electoral result is legal and might even be taken as commendable initiative by public-spirited citizens, questions of democratic fairness arise if the organisers are funded by groups outside Canada. During the recent Alberta election campaign, now-Premier-designate Jason Kenney spoke out frequently against outside interference in Canadian elections. Vivian Krause’s article provides signioficant details. [Oct. 1, 2015]

The Tar Sands Campaign has been running for more than a decade with financial help from the US$870-million Rockefeller family philanthropic foundation. The goal of the campaign, as CBC reported in January, is to sabotage all pipeline projects that would export crude oil from Western Canada to lucrative overseas markets.

Northern Gateway, Energy East, Keystone XL, Trans Mountain and Line 3 have all been targeted. Most of the talk about this campaign has focused on how this activism chokes the oil industry, but tax documents indicate it also takes aim at natural gas.

The reason Alberta needs pipelines is so that local producers aren’t forced to sell only into the U.S. market, often at a steep discount. As it is, Alberta forfeits billions of dollars in lost royalties and revenue because there’s no infrastructure for getting large volumes of oil to overseas markets where buyers pay more.

Canadian producers are stuck selling into the United States for whatever they get, but if Alberta is ever going to complete a new pipeline or extend an existing one, it needs a premier who has the courage and the ability to stand up to the Rockefellers and bring the Tar Sands Campaign to an end.

Until very recently, I was convinced that Premier Rachel Notley was sincere and committed to leading Canada into the global oil market, a daunting challenge for any politician because it means breaking the U.S. monopoly that has kept Canada over a barrel while benefiting U.S. interests to the tune of billions.

This article continues at [National Post] Vivian Krause: Rachel Notley, the Rockefellers and Alberta’s landlocked oil

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