Which Evangelical leaders have done a 180 by joining Trump’s board?


Evangelical leaders have made their concerns about Donald Trump loud and clear. That is, until yesterday when prominent holdouts announced that they were joining Trump’s Evangelical Executive Advisory Board.

For months, we heard many condemn Trump as an unacceptable choice. Remember any of these?

  • Trump “needs to be canceled like his last reality TV program.”
  • “I would never vote for a king pin within [the gambling] enterprise.”
  • “Donald Trump is a scam”

These condemnations came from none other than so-called leaders who have now agreed to advise the Trump campaign.

Russell Moore, who heads the Southern Baptist Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission summed up the views of many who cannot grasp how once-critics have now saddled up to Trump.

This article continues at [Religion News Service] Who flipped to join Trump’s evangelical advisory board? (COMMENTARY)

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