Why the Democrats failed to kill the Gorsuch Supreme Court nomination

Why the Democrats failed to kill the Gorsuch Supreme Court nomination

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This week, Judge Neil Gorsuch sat before the Senate Judiciary Committee, where he eloquently and graciously handled a barrage of harsh and overtly political questioning from Democratic Senators. In doing so, he demonstrated why he is a mainstream, independent-minded jurist who will be an outstanding Supreme Court justice.

Based on Judge Gorsuch’s record on the bench and his impeccable academic and legal credentials, this should come as no surprise. He has a long history of interpreting the law faithfully, thoughtfully and consistently.  An in-depth review of his cases reveals a pattern that he fairly applies the law as it is written, regardless of who is before him. These are the reasons why he has such broad bipartisan support from so many respected attorneys and legal experts from across the nation, including Neal Katyal, who was an acting solicitor general for former President Barack Obama.   

The main opposition to Judge Gorsuch’s confirmation comes from a handful of Democratic Senators who are using the playbook of far-left special interest groups, the same groups that routinely attack anyone who doesn’t actively promote their agenda.

This kind of politically-motivated and ideologically-driven opposition was on full display during the confirmation hearing, where Democrats tried their best to find reasons not to support Gorsuch, even though not a single one of them ever accused Gorsuch of being unqualified.

They instead resorted to hyperpartisan hyperbole, pushing a false narrative that Gorsuch sides with the “powerful” against the “powerless.”

My Democratic colleagues, many of whom hold law degrees, should know better than to intentionally oversimplify court rulings to mislead the public and score political points. However, pressured by the most extreme elements of their own party, they proceeded to mispresent Gorsuch’s record and question his character, with the entire country watching. 

This article continues at [Fox News] Sen. Thom Tillis: Democrats tried (but spectacularly failed) to bring down Judge Gorsuch

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