Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump speaks at Liberty University in Lynchburg, Virginia, on January 18, 2016.

Why their faith in Jesus Christ requires Christians to reject Trump

The Faith
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On April 28 I joined a multi-racial group of Christian ministers and scholars in releasing a statement confessing resistance to Donald Trump as a Christian obligation. Indeed, I helped draft the statement, signed by dozens of leaders such as Jim Wallis, Otis Moss III, Shane Claiborne, and Lisa Sharon Harper.

This statement has been under development for some time, and was very carefully drafted in a multi-round process of conversation and editing. Evangelicals, such as many of us are, would say that it was written “prayerfully.” (While it is not a sign-on letter, we encourage you to share it widely.)

The statement stems from the shared sense of the signers that the Trump phenomenon challenges Christians at a core moral level, such that faithfulness to Jesus Christ is at stake in how American Christians respond to him.

The language of “confessional resistance” harkens back to two moments in 20th century history in which groups of Christians in a particular context made major statements claiming that the very purity of the faith that Christians confess was at stake in a political phenomenon, such that failure to resist represented a failure to follow Jesus. Those two instances were Nazi Germany and apartheid South Africa. While no direct comparison is intended, the language of confessional resistance draws on that history.

Any such claims from Christians about a political figure, party, regime, or policy need to be made very carefully and very sparingly. That’s because politics is messy, and political figures and parties almost inherently evoke starkly different responses. Our statement is not a mere declaration of political preference or candidate taste. It is about something much more fundamental.

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