Women and girls as young as 8 packed into halls, beaten and raped

The State
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There’s a war on women going on all right, but not the one we hear so often about in the media.  It’s not a war on “income inequality.”  Not a war on “bodily integrity.”  It’s an actual war where thousands upon thousands of women are raped, brutalized, and even killed because they’re considered of no more value than cattle.

It’s a war being waged against Christian, Yazidi, and Shia Muslim women – the women of minority faiths in the Middle East – at the radical hand of the Islamic State (ISIS).

Halls are packed with victims who are subjected to hours of torture as one ISIS soldier after another rapes them time and time again.  Where girls as young as 8 years of age are brutalized by men four and five times their age – one report even indicating that a poor 9 year-old girl died from the injuries she sustained from “being raped by so many men.” 

Sex slavery is all too common and is in fact encouraged, where ISIS fighters earn more money for each additional sex slave, forced wife, and child they “own.”  Females as young as one year of age are sold into slavery – the younger the girl, the higher the price. 

It’s a fate worse than death, as ISIS sex slave survivor Nadia Murad stated.  After the Islamic State massacred her six brothers and mother, she was taken as a sex slave.  She was devastated by the death of her family but soon “forgot my mother and brothers,” as the daily torture she endured was a far worse fate than that of her family’s.

This article continues at [Persecution.org] he Real War on Women

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