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On Valentine’s Day 2016, couples embraced, boxes of chocolate were exchanged, romantic dinners were eaten, and Ted Cruz’s onetime communications director and speechwriter got stuck in an elevator.

On February 14, Amanda Carpenter tweeted a quiet cry for help to her Twitter followers.

On September 7, nearly seven months later, Amtrak tweeted a response.

This is, of course, hilarious. If Carpenter were still stuck in the elevator at this point, she’d be dead and thus no longer in need of Amtrak’s assistance.

For Amtrak to ask her anyway shows either a remarkable delay in customer service (which, really, would be consistent with how its trains run) and strange ignorance of what a human being needs to sustain life, or evidence that someone running the account has a good sense of humor. That person also probably reads Daily Dot, which just a few hours before that tweet published a long expose on elevators and anti-Trump conservatives’ strange tendency to get stuck in them — which included Carpenter’s plea for assistance.

This article continues at [Vocativ] Conservative Escapes Elevator, No Thanks To Amtrak

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