Your children are being made the property of the government, Alberta parents warned

Your children are being made the property of the government, Alberta parents warned

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State powers asserted in school legislation seen as denying fundamental family authority

By Naomi Knoch, SEARCH Apprentice Writer

Secret clubs where elementary school children are encouraged to question their own sexuality. Even Christian schools obliged by law to provide and tolerate through student clubs a forum for expressly unbiblical teachings on sexuality

VIDEO: Pastor Kevin Cavanaugh details the West Coast Christian Accord to Cedar Grove Church in Surrey, BC [Oct. 26, 2018]

So what’s next? Drag queens reading stories to kindergarten children? That’s already happening in the U.S.

John Carpay, president of the Justice Centre for Constitutional Freedoms, says Alberta children are being taught sexually explicit propaganda and by law, parents aren’t even allowed to know what’s being taught, and by whom. People, described as “outside supporters,” are being invited in to address and influence the students in the school sex clubs. Parents are not allowed to know who they are, who invited them, what is their area of expertise, and what kind of influence they are exerting upon their children. “Secrecy is now the law,” Carpay declares. “Our government thinks children belong to the state.

“But if you think we can just wait until the next election and that will solve it, think again. Under Bill 10, passed by Jim Prentice and the Progressive Conservatives with the support of the Wildrose opposition, if a student requested a Gay-Straight Alliance club, a school principal was required to establish one immediately, whether or not it interfered with the mission or beliefs of the school.”

Take note, said Carpay, at what this implies. It means that by law, a single student has been given authority over parents, teachers and principals in determining school clubs or activities.
“You may get a new government. But the people who want this aren’t going to go away. To see good triumph over evil, those who support the free society will have to be politically engaged for the long haul. People who care about parental rights, which is one of the cornerstones of the free society, must be actively involved in politics.”

Before a meeting of 400 plainly alarmed parents and teachers in Calgary, Carpay reviewed the legislative history of what to many people are shocking precedents. In 2017, the Notley government passed Bill 24, which takes the provisions of Bill 10 one step further. Schools, including private religious schools, are required to create internal policies replicating exact wording from the School Act.

Thus by School Act, Section 16.1, “If no staff member is available to serve as a staff liaison. and if so informed, the Minister shall appoint a responsible adult to work with the requesting students… at the school.” Nothing suggests that the responsible adult be a certified teacher or staff member, leaving it open to the Minister to appoint someone from a variety of external community organisations.

Another section of the School Act reads: “If one or more students … request [it], the principal of the school shall a) immediately grant permission…” for the club to be accommodated. Meanwhile. under Bill 24. passed last November, a government fiat requires that schools remove all religiously founded restraint on sexual conduct. And parents are to know nothing about these sex clubs, beyond the bare fact of their existence.

Thus, a standing parental right to exclude their children from school sex-ed courses is abolished, since the parent has no right to exclude a student from membership in the clubs. The new policy imposes other stipulations. All schools must rewrite policies to conform with the governmental decrees on sex-education.

In Gay-Straight-Alliance clubs and by way of GSA-related activities, children down to kindergarten can now be taught that “male” and “female” are restrictive concepts, that gender is “fluid.” Non-compliant Christian schools face de-funding and loss of accreditation.

Donna Trimble, executive director of Parents for Choice in Education, told the meeting that these new government policies+“are not presented as one perspective among many, but rather as the only correct one. Power has been transferred into the hands of one man, the education minister. Meanwhile, she notes, the “bullying problem” has not been solved. Ironically, its victims are no longer confined to sexual minorities. They’re parents and children. “We’re all for choice-driven education, but every parent must have a choice,” she declared.

The meeting was hosted by the Christian apologetics group Faith Beyond Belief. Executive Director Jojo Ruba said its purpose was to direct public attention to the determined policy of the Department of Education to flagrantly undermine parental rights and expose vulnerable children to abuse and other harm. B.C. has already faced these challenges, he said, through the SOGI (Sexual Orientation Gender Identity) curriculum, which was introduced in 2016.

Kevin Cavanaugh, one of 300 B.C. pastors who are campaigning against the curriculum and who in October proclaimed the West Coast Christian Accord (which subjects sexuality to biblical principles) views the conflict over sex education as a spiritual battle. “The government of Canada has deemed lawful what God and His law deem unlawful,” said Pastor Cavanaugh.”This is not a time for fear but for action. This is a hill I’m willing to die on. I don’t want to sound heroic but I do want to sound faithful.” To reflect its growing national stature, the WCCA has now been rebranded “OneAccord.”

However, Ruba stressed the role of grace and love of adversaries in the conflict. “There is a need to be fearlessly uncompromising, but also to understand we’re dealing
with different world views. Our purpose is not to make any person an enemy, but to see them as people needing the grace of God. Just as we are.”

Also calling Albertan parents into political activism was David MacKenzie, executive director of the Evangelical Office of the Public Square: “The government needs to hear that Albertans are not okay with their constitutional rights being infringed upon, Their freedom of speech is being mocked, and their children are being effectively brainwashed right under their noses. I fundamentally believe the public square is benefited by people of faith. Politics crash when Christians absent themselves.”


  1. This is utterly ridiculous. It shows a fundamental lack of understanding about human (and especially children’s) rights and human sexual diversity. It is grossly irresponsible moral panic rhetoric. It is what I have come to expect from the radical right, but is inconsistent with Christ’s teachings. It sounds more like a weird Wahabist Christianity than anything else.

  2. That has been going on for centuries

  3. Students are not encouraged to explore their own sexuality they are allowed to do that. They are given facts it is up to parents to give them the context

  4. Seriously?!?!?!?!?! These Christian Right types seem to think every gay is a default child predator. Question…. what about those child predators who are “straight”? Also, no you can’t out your kids by force. If they can’t talk to you about their problems because of the fear you’d disown them, then YOU are the problem parent (what does it say about you as a parent if your child can’t trust you or know you are on their side). A child is not some possesion of yours to engineer to as some personal lasting tribute to yourself or what you believe. A child is a human being. Destroy that sense of personal value for your own petty ego, then YOU are the irresponsible one. Children are not trainable pets for you to mold in your own image so you can feel good about yourself. You’re job as a parent is to care for your child unconditionally and give them the best chance of success at life in some future world THEY are going to live in long after your gone. Look back 75 yrs and ask yourself how much the world has changed. It will change that much again for them. Change is not going to stop because your generation is the be all/end all. Teaching them to live in the past only prepares them to live in the past. If they fail to adapt to a different future than you prepared them for, then their failure is a consequence of YOU. YOU destroyed another human being thru self worth. And that should be criminal all onto itself.

    1. Fred Boehli this is not about gay/straight. It is about government encouraging students to keep secrets from their parents. Parents are irresponsible when they don’t care where their children are and what they are being taught. It is not criminal.
      It is not difficult to look at history and see the terrible consequences when a government decides that they are better than parents in teaching the next generation.

    2. Theresa Weessies government is not parenting the kids, they are saying schools are safe and we woun,t rat you out to abusive parents if the kid feels they can,t tell there parents. Particularly in Religious home there is fear of coming out. This is a community that seems to have great fear of “gayness”. Goes from praying straight to beating it out

    3. Theresa Weessies children are taught by there parents . If they are taught to respect others and respect what you have to say great.
      If you try to make them hate others they will learn to hate

    4. The vast majority of parents are not abusive. They love their children and will defend them at every opportunity. They certainly love their children immensely more than the education system ever will. They are also held legally and morally responsible for the child’s actions and for any harm done to the child. It is cruel to teach children to distrust their parents and to keep secrets about sexual activity between the child and someone else. If the goal is to help the child deal with insecurities about their own identity it will be made worse by casting the people they rely on the most as the enemy. Find a way to strengthen the parent-child bond and to make it healthy. The secrecy is very damaging.

    5. If the parents are going to disown their child before the child has even worked out what they feel, then those children need a safe space to work out what is going on.

      Strange (or maybe not) that the right wing don’t want to allow children to be protected.
      Or is it because there seems to be a history of sexual and physical abuse from the right wing and they want their dirty secrets kept secret.

      Don’t forget electric shock therapy to “convert” the gayness out. Or pray the gay away.

  5. Evil is slowly taking over because of the persecution of those who oppose it.

  6. Colin James Paterson you missed “and the rule of law”. Perhaps that doesn’t fit your ideas, but it’s in the first line. We live in a secular state. Religion doesn’t belong in school.

  7. Whoever would have thought that Canada founded on Christian principles would become a pro Islamic liberal country with hatred to Jews and Christians! Time for Christians to stand up and say enough is enough! We need Gods help now more than ever!

    1. You missed that the actions of hate in this country have been against Jews and Muslims. Nice try to try and drag Jews into your Christian whining. The abuse at St. Micheals would have been by Christians on Christians. Abuse at First Nation schools by Christians.

    2. Sal Young uh but it was a Christian that shot up the synagogue last week .
      And no Canada was not founded on love of Jews Canadian governments sent jewsish refugees back to Germany to be gased , they where not allowed to run in politics they where considered dirty by Canadians just like Europe found them dirty

  8. Melinda Wiebe Neither does the teaching that you have a coice of what sex you are. Slipery slope to Hell my friend.

  9. Canada was founded on Genocide.

  10. Rip Harvey there is no hell

  11. These people keep hammering away at sex and are blind to any other moral deficit in their party and church.

  12. Colin James Paterson Church and school need to be separated .
    There is no place for religion in public schools .

    1. These are not public schools. These are independent schools.

  13. Rip Harvey Trouble is, you DON’T have a choice what sex you are. But for sure society doesn’t have a choice in what sex you identify as.

  14. This post is full of misinformation and seems to be written to cause division in society, panic among right wing Christians, and promotion of the United Conservative Party, of which Mr. Carpay is still a member despite his recent public statements.

  15. So the right wing are trying to politicize a piece of legislation intended to protect children and are enlisting the likes of John Carpay (who considers equality in human rights comparable with Nazism) to push such an agenda?.
    Looks like promotion of bigotry and misogyny by the UCP and friends.

    The gays deserve to burn in a lake of fire club are back (tho’ they never really went away, just hid for a while until they couldn’t resist coming out again to spew their hatred.).

    Watch Jason Kenney listen as he makes good on his “grassroots guarantee”, until, of course, it gets in the way of his personal pursuit of power.

    Vote bigotry, vote misogyny, vote hatred, vote to not protect children, vote UCP.

  16. And why are the province threatening to withdraw funding from the non compliant schools?

    Could it be that if you choose not to obey the law you shouldn’t get public funding for your criminal behaviour?

    Why are they surprised?

  17. Everyone should read this article!

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