[Zmirak] Murderers and heretics prove there's more than one way to betray spirit of Christ

[John Zmirak] Murderers and heretics prove there’s more than one way to betray spirit of Christ

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[The Stream] I won’t use the name of the odious murderer who slaughtered 50 men, women, and children while they were at prayer, just because they were Muslims. Nor will I link to his manifesto. (Though specialists in psychology, terrorism, and political science should read it.) New Zealand, like most Western countries, cringingly abolished the death penalty. So at best, when convicted, he receives a comfy cell for the rest of his life. And writing materials for more manifestos. Probably Internet access, so he can answer fan mail.

VIDEO: [Church Militant] Recently deceased Cardinal Godfried Danneels is blamed for the destruction of the faith in Belgium. [March 18, 2019]

A “Zealous” Gravedigger of Christendom

In other news, Pope Francis just marked with oily praise (a “zealous pastor”) a man who died last week, shortly before the New Zealand massacre. This dead man deserves a similar infamy to the Christchurch killer, for a long list of reasons. The most prominent one? Men like Cardinal Godfreed Danneels of Belgium pave the way for slaughters like this. They create an abhorrent vacuum, which fallen human nature rushes to fill. They carve out the chests of Western Christians, and into the gaping hole the Devil rushes in, to plant a heart of stone.

The murderer had rejected Christianity. That’s no surprise. Every single one of the “right-wing” mass killers in recent decades who targeted civilians had renounced the Christian faith. Timothy McVeigh, Anders Breivik, and the latest killer, each saw Christianity as a civilizational suicide cult.

What made them think that? In large part, that’s the work of the ex-Christians and fake Christians who are doing their best to turn the Church into precisely that. To dissolve the supernatural faith and demanding morals of the apostles into a bourgeois cult of niceness. To pretend, as many American bishops (both Catholic and Protestant) also do, that Christianity amounts to open borders, fat government programs, empty cradles, rainbow vestments, and pink pudgy hands that bless our every perversion. Such men would indeed make the Church the gravedigger of any nation. Men like Godfreed Danneels.

A Wolf in Shepherd’s Clothes

I’ve written before about this cardinal, one of the leaders in the conspiracy to elect Jose Bergoglio:

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