Ted Byfield, editor and driving force for the creation of 'The Christians: Their Two Thousand Years' passed away in 2021 the night before Christmas Eve. He was 93. In addition to this remarkable book series Mr. Byfield published another 12-volume hardcover history series called "Alberta in the 20th Century" in addition to six other book titles. Before his book-publishing career, Ted began as an award-winning newspaperman who then founded Christian boys schools across Canada famed throughout North America for its rigorous voyageur-style outdoor program where teenage boys would canoe, snowshoe and dogsled for hundreds of miles each school year. After that, Mr. Byfield set his sights on reforming the media by establishing a string of conservative Canadian newsmagazines, the most famous being Alberta Report, which helped shape Canada's conservative movement and permanently redefined the nation's political landscape. To document this remarkable life journey author Jonathon Van Maren interviewed Ted in depth and many who worked with him over the last five years. Page Count: 256 Pages (Hardbound) Size: 9" high, 6" wide, 1" deep / 22.9cm x 15.2cm x 2.5cm Weight: 1lb / 0.454kg