The Christians Calendar for the Year 2023


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We would like you to get a better sense of the what awaits you in this remarkable series: The Christians: Their First Two Thousand Years.

To that end we invite you to PRE-ORDER “The Christians Calendar for the Year 2023” free of charge.

This free service is made possible from generous donations to SEARCH: Society to Explore And Record Christian History, which has registered charitable status in both Canada and the United States.

We are currently taking pre-orders for the 2023 calendar, which will be available in late November. Click to see low-resolution PDF Version of the 2023 Calendar.

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The Christians

Calendar for the Year 2023

This calendar is designed to help you become better acquainted with this extraordinary series of history books. We invite you to an experience that will vastly enlarge your understanding of today’s often bewildering world, to an epic adventure that page after page will reveal how individual people, all touched by the same inextinguishable flame, sometimes errantly, often brilliantly, created the astounding society we are now fighting hard to restore and preserve for posterity. To share in this experience, you will acquire 12 large books, each with nearly 300 pages or more, all on high quality paper in full color, packed with magnificent paintings, hundreds of photos, sketches, maps, and other images.

The narrative unfolds in compelling language more characteristic of magazines than formal histories. The emphasis is always on the Christians who made the events happen, often heroically, sometimes to their historic discredit. (The series is not a “whitewash.” Where the Christians erred, we say so.) The writers and editors are nearly all seasoned journalists and practicing Christians, identified in the front matter of each volume, as are others associated with the production, and, of course, the indispensable academic historians who consulted closely on the text throughout.

While the goal of this series is to make Christians highly knowledgeable of their history and sufficiently perceptive to refute erroneous accounts of it, the books should not be approached as a course of studies, but simply as a captivating story. For history is addictive, and becomes most powerful when it is absorbed, not merely through memorization, but born out of the lure of the intriguing people it describes. The publisher of the books is SEARCH, the Society to Explore and Record Christian History, a nonprofit entity chartered in both the state of Virginia and the Canadian province of Alberta. Its directors and officers are shown in the front matter of Volumes 6 through 12. The volumes may be seen on the web at

SEARCH is not connected, legally or effectually, with any Christian denomination or church related institution. However, we gratefully acknowledge the 20th Century Christian writer
C. S. Lewis as the inspiration for this whole endeavor. We can only pray that he approves of what we have done.

Vince Byfield, Manager
Society to Explore And Record Christian History
Publishers of The Christians: Their First Two Thousand Years

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