In most of the world Christians are very much under attack

For three-quarters of Christians this persecution takes the form of direct oppression and subjugation as second-class citizens for as long as they hold fast to the belief of Jesus Christ being our Lord, our God and our personal Savior.

In the western countries persecution of Christians increasingly takes the form of more and more restrictions on personal freedoms. As well Christians are increasingly being forced to either be fired from their jobs or engage in certain acts contrary to Christian beliefs (such as abortion, euthanasia and officiating non-heterosexual marriages).

For all Christians persecution is getting worse, not better.


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The first step to reverse this trend is to be aware that it is happening

That is where comes in. Its job is to keep you up-to-date on issues impacting Christians in a time-efficient manner: From the thousands of news stories filling the Internet each day we carefully select eight we believe to be of the most important. Many are serious in tone and subject matter because sadly we are living in an increasingly-dangerous world, but some are included so that you do not lose hope. We are making wins and those successes must be acknowledged also.

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Ted Byfield

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