The New York Rescue Mission conducted an experiment to see how well passers-by notice people living on the street, especially when they are the closest of relations. The results may surprise you.

If the street person you pass were your dearest friend would you know?

An experiment on the invisibilty of homeless tries to measure our level of self-absorption

Cameron and his wife Samantha going to church, 2010: Everything is strategic, some things are sincere.

Britain a 'Christian country': Stop the presses!

PM David Cameron is attacked for praising the UK’s Christian history and values

After Muslims personally encounter Jesus as the living God, they lose interest in Islam.

Muslim mass exodus? Evangelical publishing furor; John Paul's miracle

Dissenting immunologists come to the support of unpopular anti-vax Christians

Criticism of vaccines – from a surprising source

Dissenting immunologists come to the support of unpopular anti-vax Christians

Judging by the reaction of the mainstream media to the handful of recent outbreaks of measles in North America, one might think the bubonic plague had returned and that “anti-vaxxers” were spreading it. Christians rank high on the anti-vaccination suspect list because some – a relative few – obje...

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On the barricades at Dartmouth: Free sex change operations now!

Dartmouth College should make us wonder why we have universities

Student rebels with the standard list of 'equity' demands show how futile it's all become

Dartmouth College in New Hampshire has long honored Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. with an annual month of special programming. But a group of minority students occupied president Phil Hanlon’s office for two days earlier this month to argue that the school is betraying MLK’s dream by allowing “syste...

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Two-and-a-half men: Avoid Nabisco if this isn't your idea of 'wholesome.'

'Sodomy is wholesome' – this message brought to you by Nabisco

The global food giant puts Graham crackers on the front line of the Culture War

Though they are probably much less than five percent of the population, homosexuals have lately come to occupy a far larger space in America’s mental map; as was evident in Nabisco's Graham cracker culture skirmish which erupted last month.

Unlikely as it might seem that anyone could get u...

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People's filmmaker McAleer: Not showing enough 'respect and consideration' for the biggest mass murderer in U.S. history.

The man secular liberals really do not want people to know about

A film on abortionist and mass murderer Kermit Gosnell is denied access to 'crowdfunding'

Pro-life Christians have known for forty years that one thing the liberal world seriously does not want to hear about is the grisly reality of abortion. The reverse of the coin, “reproductive rights” and “choice,” are the sanitized common currency of the feminist left. However, as the ...

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Black studies, pop culture and porn prof Miller-Young with her captured sign: The sign offended her so she had a moral right to steal it.

Free speech on campus for anyone but conservative Christians

Two recent examples reflect an increasingly ridiculous double standard

Caught on video stealing and marching off with a pro-life sign was University of California Santa Barbara professor of black studies, pop culture and pornography, Dr. Mireille Miller-Young. Such illegal behavior against pro-lifers is fairly routine on North American campuses. The surprise this ti...

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Cameron and his wife Samantha going to church, 2010: Everything is strategic, some things are sincere.

Britain a 'Christian country': Stop the presses!

PM David Cameron is attacked for praising the UK’s Christian history and values

Britain’s Prime Minister David Cameron, facing a national election one year hence, has stirred the ire of his country’s celebrity secularists with Easter comments declaring that Britain is still “a Christian country” and praising Christianity's historic and ongoing contributions to society.

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Pupils at Living Truth Christian School in central Alberta: Christian students are more tolerant on average than public school students.

A tolerance attack on Alberta faith-based schools

Newspapers lead a strange crusade against freedom of thought and religion

The Calgary Herald and the Edmonton Journal, Alberta’s two leading dailies, have gone after the province’s Christian schools, appalled to discover that they reserve the right to expel students and fire staff who advocate or engage in sexual acts outside of a sanctified marriage....

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Christians defending Sanjiang Church: Communist eradication of the older religion left a vacuum which Christianity is filling.

Chinese communists back down – at least for now

Popular resistance is foiling a campaign to demolish embarrassing Protestant churches

China's communist government is so disturbed by the popularity of Christianity in the economically robust eastern province of Zhejiang that it has ordered the partial demolition of seven churches in the largest district, Wenzhou.

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The Paris rally: Tip of an emerging iceberg?

Anti-Muslim sentiment hits the streets in France

Denounced as extremist or (gasp!) Americans, opponents of immigration demand reform

Compared to the vast throng of social conservatives who rallied for traditional marriage a month earlier, the 500 or so who turned out on March 9 in Paris to protest Muslim immigration hardly seemed a threat.

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Simon Fraser's Allen: What limited hard evidence exists suggests serious problems with homosexual parenting.

Can Christians still serve as expert witnesses in court?

A Canadian economist's experience in Michigan would suggest not if they're anti-gay rights

For over a decade Vancouver economist Douglas Allen has been the go-to guy for a court or legislature needing a pragmatic analysis of marriage, but he isn’t sure he will do it anymore.

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Blood moon: Is God telling us something?

Blood moons – End Times harbinger or lunar disgression?

Four red eclipses in quick succession excite eschatologists and book publishers

On Tuesday night this week there was a “blood moon” eclipse visible throughout the Western Hemisphere, in which the moon turns red rather than disappears; it was the first of four between now and Sept. 28, 2015.

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Christian youth rally in San Francisco: Only half as many under-30s say they attend church regularly.

Should churches focus on 'retaining' members or finding new ones?

The example of the Early Church shows how the lives of believers drew others to the faith

Eastern Orthodoxy in America is considering a recent statement from the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of America.

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SEARCH President Byfield speaking at a recent pro-life event in Edson, Alberta and school carousel: Christians must understand the past to succeed in the present.

22 Alberta schools will try something new in Christian education

History, long gone from public education, offers an open door to religion teachers

Twenty-two Christian schools – 11 Catholic and 11 Protestant – are taking part in a program this month and next which could significantly influence how Christian faith is taught in Christian schools.

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Broadcast heretic Miriano with two of her four children: It doesn't mean being a doormat

Why 'submission' in marriage is winning wives

A noted Italian broadcaster/wife stirs a feminist storm by agreeing with St. Paul

Most pastors today would sooner walk on hot coals than preach Ephesians 5:22: “Wives, submit to your own husbands as to the Lord.” Now fiesty Italian TV journalist Costanzo Miriano, a

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Archbishop Fan: Head of a massive underground church.

Shanghai Bishop Fan dies; his illegal successor is promptly arrested

Yet China's suffering underground Protestant and Catholic churches are still growing fast

World communism once swore it would bury religion, but Christianity, Islam and other faiths have outlasted it, despite prolonged persecution. This is true in mighty China, where 1.3 billion people still suffer under the doleful domination of Karl Marx’s creed.

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Pakistani Christians grieve a suicide bombing of their church, Sept. 2013.
The slaughter and expulsion of a minority that predates Islam is approaching completion


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