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The High Tide and the Turn / AD 1914 to AD 2001 / A New Christendom Explodes into Life in the Third World / Volume Twelve of The Christians: Their First Two Thousand Years History Series (More Info)

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The High Tide and the Turn

Volume 12: A.D. 1914 to 2001
A New Christendom Explodes Into Life in the Third World

This volume, at 454 pages half again longer than the earlier ones, opens with the calamity of the First World War, the scale and horrors of which destroyed the 19th century confidence that science would create happiness. The Great War bred violent and tragic offspring: the communist revolutions, Nazism, the Second World War, and the nuclear arms-driven Cold War. Christianity suffered horribly under all these materialist ideologies, and then was repudiated by the culture of sexual and consumer hedonism which eventually replaced them. Yet despite all this, Christianity in all its major branches recovered and refocused on Christ’s Great Commission, while faith in Christ surged anew in Asia, Africa and Latin America.

(Click on the image below to view a reduced resolution sample chapter drawn from the book so you get a sense of its writing style.)

Chapter One

Seventeen million die in a war that becomes the Great Repudiation

  • The man who tried to halt the war
  • An attempted genocide long concealed

Chapter Two

Clergy slain in droves, church schools close as the Soviets take power

  • The curious bullet that failed to kill

Chapter Three

Rupture, chaos, dismay shatter Christendom as Modernism takes its toll

  • How Baur plus Bauer went sour
  • The old faith verses new realities

Chapter Four

God, fidelity, honor, truth—all safe targets for scorn in the era of debunking

  • The fall and rise of Oscar Wilde
  • The case that put the Bible on trial
  • Dewey and the downfall of the school

Chapter Five

The Marxist ‘paradise’ becomes a slave state, avowed to kill off God

  • Millions die the worst of all deaths
  • The price of ruining a media dream

Chapter Six

Exhausted by the war, wrecked by the peace, the Germans go Nazi

  • The Mussolini flop
  • Spain’s bad man/good man
  • The ancient question: Why the Jews?

Chapter Seven

How the insistent cry for disarmament led to the worst ever war

  • The hot-seat throne of Pius XII
  • Some Christians spoke out and died

Chapter Eight

Three Christian politicians bring unity to Europe grounded in their faith

  • The resentful peasant boy who grew up to become modern China’s creator and a noted mass murderer
  • Korean attack challenges western resolve in the Pacific

Chapter Nine

In pain and persecution history’s curtain rises on Chinese Christianity

Chapter Ten

Cries for change assail the changeless Church in the Vatican II tumult

  • Ratzinger: the man who finished the job
  • Hostile media and rising public opposition cause America to lose its first war ever

Chapter Eleven

The tale of the sixties: from Alabama valor to Woodstock squalor

  • The evolution of a revolution

Chapter Twelve

Christianity is rejected as the quest for liberty fuels a war for license

  • A key battle that Christians won

Chapter Thirteen

If science overrules all, the scientific miracle’s dark side will triumph

  • Armageddon: a scientific scenario

Chapter Fourteen

How a lanky farm kid made the 20th century an evangelical victory

  • The endless quest for the end-times
  • The sad saga of the ‘Seven Sisters’

Chapter Fifteen

In less than a century, more than 200 million accept Pentecostalism

  • The queen and king of faith healing

Chapter Sixteen

How the genius of JPII transformed the papacy and foiled its traducers

  • The nun who won over the world
  • Blows that shattered the priestly image

Chapter Seventeen

How defiant Christians triggered the collapse of the Soviet colossus

  • The microfilm that changed history

Chapter Eighteen

How the Jewish quest for a homeland turned into a cauldron of war

  • The long agony of Christian Egypt

Chapter Nineteen

Myth to masterpiece: the irresistible advance of ‘Mere Christianity’

  • Wilt thou be baptized in this faith? Nope!
  • The ‘dejected and reluctant convert’

Chapter Twenty

The faith rises again as millions join Christ across the third world

  • The study group that exploded
  • The priceless gift of notoriety

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