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Christians who spread their faith find themselves increasingly shunned

But so what, replies Evangelical pastor. Jesus warned us this would happen. Get used to it


The Associated Press reports that even in strongly religious areas like western Kentucky, "conservative Christians feel under siege." The AP spoke with evangelical Christians in Benton, Kentucky.

These Christians say that for decades, they have been pushed to the edges of life in America and have been attacked for core beliefs -- an attack resulting from reading Scripture and their biblical commandment to evangelize.

Many evangelical Christians say liberals want to win the culture wars by taking away the voice of the Church. The AP reports that liberals label that "paranoia."

However, the news agency says many evangelicals see evidence of the backlash "in every new uproar over someone asserting a right to refuse recognition of same-sex marriages - whether it be a baker, a government clerk, or the leaders of religious charities and schools."

"There's nobody hated more in this nation than Christians," Pastor Richie Clendenen, with Christian Fellowship Church, said. "Welcome to America's most wanted: you."

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