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Eyewitness account of latest ISIS attack at German Christmas market

Visiting nurse from Pittsburgh describes terrible havoc wreaked by a truck-turned-missile

Eyewitness account of latest ISIS attack at German Christmas market

The thought that the suspect in Monday’s deadly truck attack on a Berlin Christmas market was still on the loose did not stop scores of people, including Susan Schwartz of Gibsonia, from gathering at the site Wednesday night for a memorial service for the victims.

“There was a guest book to sign, and people were writing thoughts and prayers for Berlin,” said Ms. Schwartz, 57, who went to spend Christmas with her sister, Marcia, who lives there.

The two women had been in the market outside the landmark Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial Church on Monday night when the truck plowed into the crowd, killing 12 people and injuring 48. They escaped because they heard strange noises — which turned out to be the truck barreling through wooden shops — and Marcia noticed that the holiday lights above them were strangely swaying.

“My sister said ‘Something’s wrong, we need to get out of here,’ ” Ms. Schwartz said in a phone interview Wednesday night. “She grabbed me by the arm, and we started walking through a narrow passage [along the church].

“Then more people started coming our way in more of a hurry, knocking tables over and breaking glasses. We saw a man fall down and people stacking up on top of him. We got to the other side of the church and we started praying.”

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