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FBI censors ISIS from Orlando 911 transcripts and change Allah to God

Agency justifies actions by claiming re-write will 'prevent future action from happening'


In a press conference in Orlando on Monday, an FBI agent said that censoring the word “ISIS” from the Orlando terrorist’s 911 call will stop future attacks.

During his attack on a gay night club in Orlando, Omar Mateen placed three calls to 911, in which he claimed allegiance to ISIS and to the leader of the Islamic State several times, according to public statements made by FBI Director James Comey.

But now, the FBI is attempting to hide that information so as to not “inflame other people,” Assistant Special Agent in Charge Ronald Hopper explained.

“Part of the redacting is meant it not give credence to individuals who have done terrorist acts in the past,” Hopper said. “We’re not going to propagate their violent rhetoric and we see no effort to putting those individuals names back out there. We are trying to prevent future action from happening. And for cowards like this one, people like that influence them so we’re not going to continue to put their names out front.”

When a reporter asked why the FBI doesn’t want to let the shooter speak for himself, Hopper responded that the agency is afraid that other “like-minded” people could get the wrong idea.

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