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George Soros admits in Bloomberg interview that the election is rigged

Multibillionaire claims that Trump will win the popular vote but Clinton will be president

George Soros admits in Bloomberg interview that the election is rigged

During an interview with Bloomberg last month, billionaire financier of liberal-progressive activism George Soros claimed Donald Trump would win November's popular vote in a landslide—but Hillary Clinton will be the next president of the United States.

At points in the interview, Soros was almost unintelligible with his comments. His answers in those moments were seemingly unrelated to the topic of the question, but he provided a couple moments of clarity when asked specifically about the outcome of the 2016 presidential election.

"I think it's all—it's going to lead to a landslide for Donald Trump in the popular vote," he said. "Not in the electoral vote, because, there, paid political announcements will have a big role.

"So the electoral thing will be closer, but the popular vote will be a landslide because we are a small minority of extremists. So we are all moving in that direction ... I don't think that Donald Trump has any chance of being elected."

Asked specifically if "Hillary Clinton is a done deal," Soros nodded his head and said, "Yes." He then added that he felt she was the person "most qualified" to serve as the American president.

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