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If Trump has guessed right on the Rust Belt 'blue states,' he's in

All his GOP soft-line predecessors lost them, but Trump has taken a very different tack

If Trump has guessed right on the Rust Belt 'blue states,' he's in

With less than three days left before the 2016 election is over — barring recounts — Republican nominee Donald Trump is in a better position to win than any GOP candidate since 2004.

That’s not saying much, as the last two limped into Election Day. The polls still favor Hillary Clinton to win. But Trump is about to play the move that has justified his unlikely nomination from the beginning.

Trump’s gamble has been that he can flip one, or more, reliably Democratic “blue” states. His home state of New York is out of reach, and probably always was. But he has at least a chance of winning Michigan or Pennsylvania, and he is making a long-shot bid at Minnesota.

If he can flip one or more of those, Trump can lose in one or two of the typical “swing” states and eke out a narrow victory.

Beyond all of the rhetoric, that is essentially the calculated gamble that Republican primary voters made in 2016. And it is a rational choice.

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