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Leftists lose it when First Lady opens rally with the Lord's Prayer

Some protest online that freedom of religion and freedom of speech must never mix

Leftists lose it when First Lady opens rally with the Lord's Prayer

The internet can be a harsh place, especially to famous personalities who stand for their beliefs, religious or otherwise. When incumbent First Lady of the United States (FLOTUS), Melania Trump, opened a campaign-style rally in Melbourne, Florida last Saturday with the Lord's Prayer, half the internet was appalled.

People quickly took to Twitter to air out their thoughts, which ranged from praise for the FLOTUS' brave demonstration of faith to various forms of verbal attacks on both the first lady and the current administration itself. Some critics even argued that in reciting the foundational prayer of Christianity, Melania had breached the separation between church and state, as reported by Israel-based online news outlet

The outlet further explained that concerns over the prayer possibly hinting at the church and state becoming one in the Trump administration were baseless. Previous U.S. presidents have been offering Christian prayers while in office and some have even showed Christian values in other ways, like teaching Sunday school and reciting Bible passages. These had, by no means, led to the breakdown of the proverbial "wall of separation between church and state."

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