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Boy, did we ever get duped by this one!

Story of Obama-commissioned rewrite of Bible was in fact widely successful practical joke

Author and former megachurch pastor Rob Bell speaks with Oprah Winfrey on "Super Soul Sunday" on OWN during a Nov. 3, 2013, broadcast.

A story, carried in our July 7 edition, describes a presidential directive ordering a new gender-neutral Bible. It was a hoax. The editor who passed it offered two explanations. First, it came from the Christian Post, a customarily highly-dependable news source. Second, said the editor, "such a thing as a presidentially-ordered Bible sounded absolutely crazy. But then I thought, if we killed every story from the White House on the mere grounds that it sounded crazy, there'd be nothing left to publish. Almost everything it does sounds crazy. We'd have to give up covering the Obama administration altogether. So we ran the story."

It follows. But remember: It's fiction.

President Barack Obama has signed an executive order commissioning former megachurch pastor Rob Bell to write a gender-neutral Bible.

Meant to serve as a corollary to Obama's demands that public schools allow boys to go into girls' bathrooms, the executive order will give Bell $7 million to research, write and and publish a Bible that breaks through the barriers of gender.

In a rare White House press briefing, Obama said Bell is the most competent person for the job.

"Rob Bell is an excellent person, aaaaaaaaaa religious man, aaaaaaaaa smart individual who, like me, knows what it's like to be accused of not being Christian," Obama said.

"Best of all, Bell knows how to irritate the heck out of evangelicals. And while I believe we need a country that is welcoming of all Americans, regardless of who they are, everybody and their dog knows that evangelicals, babies, and nuns don't count."

This article continues at [Christian Post] Obama Commissions Rob Bell to Write Gender-Neutral Bible

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