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Sixteen robust lies about Christian worship, which the Devil promotes

Example, Lie No. 11: What you worship and how you do it doesn't matter. Well, it does

Sixteen robust lies about Christian worship, which the Devil promotes

If worship is powerful—that is, if kneeling before Almighty God in humility and rising to praise Him in gratitude and going forth to obey Him in faithfulness—if this has power in the world to change lives and redirect society, then the enemy will be working to put a stop to it.

Count on that.

If God uses our worship to transform sinners, starting with us, then the enemy will do all in his power to neutralize it.

So how is your worship these days?

Are you working at worship, at learning to humble yourself and praise Him more effectively? Are you giving yourself anew to the Savior throughout the day, every day?

Notice the one question we did not ask: Are you getting anything out of your worship? Scripture does not allow us to ask that.  We are promised nothing from worship. In worship, we do the giving. We give Him praise and prayers, offerings and love, our time and our attention and, ultimately, ourselves.

What has the evil adviser told you in the secret recesses of your mind and heart to dissuade you from worship?

There are so many lies abroad about worship. Here are some of the most popular, in no particular order:

1. Worship is all about you. You'll need a worshipful setting, worshipful music, in a building with worshipful architecture. The leaders of the worship service must do things just right; otherwise, if you do not worship, the fault is all theirs.

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