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Westminster orders all kids—as young as four—be taught sex education?

UK govt to pledge new sex ed course for all schools in England, including religious ones

Westminster orders all kids—as young as four—be taught sex education?

It is a question that's long been asked in our schools: Who tells children about sex and relationships - parents, or teachers?

Except the answer these days, is that it's often the internet.

And over recent years there has been growing concern that the answers provided by search engines and websites aren't the lessons children should be learning.

I understand that on Tuesday the Government will try to address this new reality by completely revolutionising the education schools provide, bringing forward legislation that will ensure every child from the age of four is taught about safe and healthy relationships, and later, about sex too.

Currently the system is complex and dependent on the type of school a child attends.

Sex education is only compulsory in schools run by local authorities, and even then the curriculum is limited to the basics of biology.

There is guidance for schools which wish to go further, but it hasn't been updated since 2000 - long before children could pull out their smart phone after class and get their own education.

Now the Government is pledging to bring in new "Relationship and Sex Education" to every primary and secondary school in England, including academies, independents and (most controversially) even religious free schools.

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