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You are wrong, Francis. Christians in China cannot 'worship freely'

Columnist takes on another verbal gaffe from the Pope that most media have ignored

You are wrong, Francis. Christians in China cannot 'worship freely'

Pope Francis has made a habit of causing consternation among liberals and conservatives alike.

He is praised by some as a moderniser only for those same people to be dismayed when he insists the ban on women becoming priests is permanent.

He repeatedly infuriates the right for not making more forthright comments about gay marriage only for them to leap to his defence when he speaks against abortion and of the "responsibility to protect and defend human life at every stage of its development".

Cardinal Vincent Nichols, Archbishop of Westminster, helpfully summed up Pope Francis. "It shows the Pope is a Catholic," he told once Christian Today.

But his latest comments, which have gone largely unnoticed, show ignorance or, arguably, something worse.

In his much publicised interview with the Spanish El Pais newspaper, as well as speaking about Trump, popularism and the Nazis, he also talked about Christianity in China.

"In China, churches are crowded," he said according to the English transcript provided. "In China they can worship freely."

This article continues at [Christian Today] Pope Francis Says Christians 'Can Worship Freely' In China: He Is So Wrong

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