After thousands of Fulani Christians are killed Nigeria's president tells survivors to flee

After thousands of Fulani Christians are killed Nigeria’s president tells survivors to flee

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[Breitbart] The office of Nigerian President Muhammadu Buhari on Wednesday urged the Christian-majority indigenous farmers to surrender some of their ancestral lands lest they die at the hands of the nomadic Muslim Fulani terrorists accused of genocide over cattle grazing territory and resources.

VIDEO: [Perspectives Daily] Interview with Archbishop Ignatius Ayau Kaigama of Nigeria on the extent of death and destruction against Fulani herdsmen in the north of the country.

“There is no doubt that the sole purpose of these attacks is aimed at ethnic cleansing, land grabbing and forceful ejection of the Christian natives from their ancestral land and heritage,” Nigerian church denominational heads and the prominent Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN) declared at the end of last month, referring to the Fulani assaults that have killed thousands so far this year.

While some human rights and analysts have denounced the killing of farmers by the Fulani as “genocide,” Femi Adesina, a special adviser to Nigerian President Muhammadu Buhari, argued on Wednesday that relinquishing land to the Fulani killers for ranching is better than dying.

Adesina urged the farmers to allow the government of President Buhari, who is ethnically Fulani, to build ranches for the so-called herdsmen who analysts like Faith McDonnell from the Institute on Religion and Democracy (IRD) have deemed to be jihadists or at very least just terrorists.

Asked about the indigenous farmers’ attachment to their ancestral land, Adesina reportedly responded:

In Plateau state, where we had the recent orgy of killings [by the Fulani], the government has offered land for ranches and I tell you that some people are interested in this thing not being resolved. You can only have ancestral attachment when you are alive. If you are talking about ancestral attachment when you are dead, how does the attachment matter?

Where you have land, and you can do something, please do for peace, what will the land be used for if those who own it are dead at the end of the day?

In Plateau, Fulani terrorists armed with machetes and guns massacred up to 300 people across nearly a dozen predominantly Christian villages on June 23 and 24.

This article continues at [Breitbart] Nigeria to Christian Farmers: We Can’t Save You, Surrender Land to Fulani Terrorists

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