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Anglican split on gay marriage issue faces another crisis in July

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The Church of England will seek a compromise between traditional marriage supporting Christians and LGBT-affirming voices at its next General Synod in July, looking to prevent Anglicans from formally splintering due to differing views on homosexuality.

The Guardian reports that as many as 550 Anglican representatives around the world are set for three days of intense talks about human sexuality next month. While the CofE is not hoping to reach an agreement between the divisive viewpoints, it will seek to achieve dialog and mutual understanding.

Justin Welby, the archbishop of Canterbury, has talked at length about the need for Anglicans to stick together as one body despite the conflicting viewpoints they have on controversial issues, and has said he’s hopeful that conversations between Church representatives will begin healing some of the wounds caused by the rift.

“The difference between our societies and cultures, as well as the speed of cultural change in much of the global north, tempts us to divide as Christians: when the command of Scripture, the prayer of Jesus, the tradition of the Church and our theological understanding urges unity,” Welby has said.

“A 21st century Anglican family must have space for deep disagreement, and even mutual criticism, so long as we are faithful to the revelation of Jesus Christ, together.”

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