Atheist group demand Christ-proclaiming Chicago principal be fired

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A professing atheist activist organization is recommending that a Chicago-area principal be fired for promoting Christianity to students.

The Wisconsin-based Freedom From Religion Foundation (FFRF) recently sent a letter to the attorney for Rich Township Schools after becoming informed that Rich South High School Principal Michael McGrone announced that his goal is to “allow God back in school.”

It pointed to an article in the Chicago Tribune, which outlined that McGrone supports prayer in school and had a Christian woman, known as Mother Henderson, pray with students in the cafeteria over a microphone.

“This is how we ‘stop the killing’: Allow God back in school!! Prayer works,” he also wrote on Facebook.

FFRF further pointed to a quote in the Tribune article, in which McGrone stated, “Is [prayer] considered crossing the line? I would agree in part, but in so many ways I cannot deny who I am and what got me to become principal.”

This article continues at [Christian News] Atheist Activist Group Wants Illinois Principal Fired for ‘Promoting Christianity’ to Students

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