Canadian asylum for Pakistani Christian woman: Asia Bibi will be reunited with family here

Canadian asylum for Pakistani Christian woman: Asia Bibi will be reunited with family here

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[Catholic Register] Asia Bibi, the Catholic woman who spent eight years on death row in Pakistan, will be welcomed to a small town in Canada, where she will be reunited with her two teenage daughters, along with the family who aided and protected her daughters in Lahore while the mother sat in jail through years of legal appeals.

VIDEO: [CBC News] Asia Bibi joining children in Canada, reports say. [Jan 30, 2019]

The location of Bibi’s daughters and family friends must remain confidential for now, a Canadian bishop who has supported bringing Bibi to Canada told The Catholic Register.  

“Her safety is the primary concern. After years of suffering for her faith, the simple joy of being reunited with her family in a safe place is our profound hope for her.”

On Jan. 29 the Supreme Court of Pakistan rejected a final attempt to have Asia Bibi retried on blasphemy charges that stem from a 2009 argument between Bibi and fellow farm labourers who accused her of drinking from the same cup as her Muslim co-workers. 

With news of the Pakistani court’s decision, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau revealed Canada has offered asylum to Bibi and her husband Ashiq Masih and that the offer has been accepted.

It can now be revealed that Bibi and Masih’s daughters, who are 18 and 19 years old, have been in Canada since just before Christmas, family friend Nadeem Bhatti told The Catholic Register. 

Bhatti helped bring Bibi’s daughters and the family of six who befriended and helped Bibi’s daughters and husband in Lahore to Canada. The Lahore family’s close association with Bibi put them in danger after Pakistan’s top court initially found no case against Bibi in October.

The Church will extend whatever aid it can to Bibi and her family.

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