[Byfield] CBC’s main critic of John Carpay exposed for hypocrisy and Christian-bashing

[Vince Byfield] CBC’s main critic of John Carpay exposed for hypocrisy and Christian-bashing

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On November 11th, CBC Calgary reporter Sarah Rieger had a problem. During her daily Twitter devotionals she had just come across this dandy snippet of video damning John Carpay. He was that pesky lawyer defending those few pitiful parents left in the province who stubbornly refused to allow GSA clubs into their tiny Christian schools. Ms. Rieger’s problem was the source of the video, another Twitter junkie but unknown to most Albertans. In order for her to run this story on the CBC and leverage this clip into doing some real media damage against Carpay — maybe even the Alberta Conservative Party as a bonus — she needed a more credible source. After a few more thoughtful sips from her triple, venti, soy, extra shot no foam latte she had it solved. Of course! She could call Wells!

VIDEO: [Rebel Media] John Carpay’s full 20-minute speech on November 10, 2018 in Calgary.

Dr. Kristopher Wells would be an unfailing source. So credible. So genderfully compassionate. Dr. Wells along with partner Dr. André Grace had worked closely together for years as co-executive directors of the University of Alberta’s Institute for Sexual Minority Studies and Services. The doctor had produced that beautifully progressive website for Education Minister Eggen and had organized that wonderful Camp Fyrefly for LGBTQ kids. He was perfect. Of course — if the CBC had chosen to cover it — Ms. Rieger may have heard something about some troublesome parents catching the Wells website showing hard-core gay porn to elementary children. Then, too, there was the problem of the new Dean of Education had coincidentally placed Wells on leave following rumours of “other issues” involving teens at the Edmonton Fyrefly camp which then mysteriously closed. But no matter. Here was her chance to finally put the single nail in Carpay’s credibility coffin, and some Albertans — especially Twitter-addicted ones — have such conveniently short, 140-character-long memories. It was worth the risk.

Wells responded beautifully. Carpay’s comments are “absolutely offensive and require immediate action,” he said. “The true motivations are crystal-clear now of the kind of hate and homophobia behind this kind of opposition. I think Jason Kenney needs to immediately suspend this person from the UCP party and denounce this kind of homophobic hatred.”  Now that Wells tied in Kenney this was going to be one heck of a story! Who knows? It may one day rank right up there with the infamous ‘Lake of Fire’ article which single-handedly destroyed the Wildrose Party. One can dream.

And so it ran. Job well done. Whew! Time for another triple, venti, soy, extra shot no foam latte…

But Day Two did not go quite as well. First off, Carpay responded right away by pointing out the 30-second clip was taken out of context from a 20-minute speech and apologizing for his comparison of the rainbow flag to totalitarian ones. Since he also emailed his apology CBC had no choice but to tack it to the end of Rieger’s story. Fortunately, many CBC and NDP faithful will likely dismis his apology as further evidence of guilt and that the tar-and-feathering of Carpay should proceed as planned. Then a second setback occurred when UCP Leader Jason Kenney refused to take the bait and annoyingly brushed off all Rieger’s hard work by accepting Carpay’s apology as just that.

Ms. Rieger’s faced a new quandary. The story had run its course but 630 Ched’s Ryan Jesperson, other social lefties and even Premier Notley jumping on the Smear Carpay bandwagon were leaving such juicy condemnations on Twitter. But Ms. Rieger’s work must have met with approval from higher-ups in the CBC since what happened next was a barrage of story after story on the CBC website all castigating John Carpay:

In total, the CBC bashed Carpay with five stories on their website over six days. Who knows how many times they dragged his name through the mud on radio and television? This does not include all the other leftist media sharks who, upon detecting blood in the the water, joined in the feeding frenzy to also dine on the hoped-for corpse of John Carpay’s credibility. Sure, some people might think all this treatment a bit harsh for a man who had simply dedicated his career to defending those quaint freedoms to which some naive Canadians still cling. But it was all seen as serving the greater good.

However there was just one little problem. Was this not the same Dr. Wells who in 2016 promoted a Twitter cartoon showing a Christian killing a gay man. Wells’ tweet accused Christians of being akin to ISIS and Nazi murderers slaying homosexuals. However, this shocking image turned out to have been completely altered from its original, which actually showed a Christian not as the murderer but as the victim.

Wells never apologized for promoting such a vile image.

So one must reach one of two conclusions. Either the CBC did not know of the Wells’s blatant hypocrisy — which would be incompetent journalism for it is certainly relevant. Or the CBC did know and deliberately concealed the fact — which is not journalism at all but mere propaganda. One inclines to the latter view since a quick google of “kristopher wells” and nazi yields the story immediately. This means a fully government-funded agency has now joined the NDP and gay movements to work fundamental changes in the culture of Alberta.

Ms. Rieger is a reporter for the CBC and therefore I, along with every other Canadian, am forced to pay her salary. My wife and I and our four children are ordered by the Canadian government to come up with $210 — our share of the $1.25 billion that all Canadians are forced to pay — so that people like Ms. Rieger can churn out such socialist propaganda, often destroying the reputations of many a good man and woman in the process.

When are Canadians going to wise up and realize that the CBC, being a state-funded organization, is ultimately bent of perpetuating ever more state control? We are continuing to fund an entity dedicated to eroding the underpinning freedoms and democratic principles upon which our nation was built. Cutting just a portion of its funding is not the remedy. This is akin to reducing a cancerous tumour but not removing it. The tumour will still kill you.

There is no other solution to the problem. Surely, the time has arrived for the Friends of the CBC to become the Funders of the CBC.

This article continues at [CHRIAS.org] CBC’s main critic of John Carpay exposed for hypocrisy and Christian-bashing

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  1. John Carpay, as has been pointed out on the FaceBook above, has almost single-handedly challenged our fast collapsing freedoms that we enjoyed in the past. Wells, Eggen and their ilk, continue to assault us conservatives, and perhaps we are finally standing up to the nonsense being perpetrated in the media and through our education system, that has become almost totally corrupted. Bad enough as to what is happening in the public schools and universities that are now fully Marxist sympathetic, but it is even more distressing to see how many in the Christian community that have succumbed to the pressures of these hypocritical/dictatorial self-proclaimed avente-garde educational experts. Just yesterday learned of one large “Christian” school whose administration was prepared to stand against the Rainbow Reprimand, but some pastor backing that institution made a flash decision to buckle to the demands of Eggen and friends, and so, signed whatever documents were necessary to get the oppressors off their backs … at least temporarily. What they fail to realize is that this is not the end. There will be more coming. There always is. As I have pointed out before, some of us have been fighting this issue for almost 40 years, and that means that this was taking place in a seemingly conservative environment. No one spoke up, save a few like Ted Byfield and a very small group willing to stick their necks on the line at the time. “It’s not as bad as you think” or “You’re reading too much into it.”, said our FRIENDS. But now, here we are, with threats to shut down schools and have any freedoms we thought we had, taken away. The very churches that think they can appease the skulduggery will, at some point, find themselves in a position where they are the targets of oppression. What we didn’t learn from history is that we don’t learn from history. Friends in Germany, pre-WW II, found themselves fleeing their homes seeking refuge where the oppressors could not find them. These were church leaders, like Bonhoeffer, who ultimately gave up his life for the cause of Christ and the Biblical absolutes that he would not abdicate.

    Attempts to educate churches and their leadership have largely fallen on deaf ears. In One Accord, the Justice Centre for Constitutional Freedoms, Parents for Choice in Education and others are endeavoring to do that, but it is an uphill battle, but there are those who are standing in the gap, and telling the masses why their freedoms are important. Let’s DO something, even in any small way, before it is too late.

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