Daily Caller raises stink over severe incompetence of the EPA

Daily Caller raises stink over severe incompetence of the EPA

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Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) officials refuse to explain why they let pollution fester at up to 302 highly-contaminated sites under their authority for years or even decades. They also won’t explain what they’re doing to protect people’s health.

The EPA doesn’t know what dangers exist at 191 sites, and humans face health risks at another 111, an investigation from The Daily Caller News Foundation revealed Monday. Pollution has threatened human health at up to 117 Superfund sites for more than 30 years.

EPA officials refused to explain why cleaning or even just assessing pollution risks has taken so long.

“I don’t think we will be providing anything further,” Associate Administrator Frank Benenati told TheDCNF after he was emailed the link to the investigation Monday. Benenati is also the EPA’s chief spokesman. The EPA ignored multiple DCNF requests regarding the Superfund investigation over a three-day period before Benenati ultimately responded just hours before deadline.

“Don’t think we’ll be able to make your deadline,” Benenati told TheDCNF in an email Friday.

This article continues at [Stream.org] EPA Refuses to Explain Why It Let Pollution Sit for Decades

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