Electors must act on presidency without data on Russian intervention

Electors must act on presidency without data on Russian intervention

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Members of the Electoral College who had signed a letter asking for an intelligence briefing about alleged Russian meddling in the U.S. presidential election will not receive one before casting their votes for the next president on Monday.

NPR sent out a tweet indicating the request for the intelligence briefing from 54 electors had been nullified.

The letter originally had the signatures of 10 electors on it and was the work of House Minoriy Leader Nancy Pelosi’s daughter Christine Pelos. The sole Republican to sign the letter was Chris Suprun of Texas, who has also been the only “faithless” Republican elector to publicly declare and pledge that he will not to vote for President-elect Donald Trump on Monday.

The letter was signed by Christine Pelosi, Chris Suprun, Anita Bonds, Bev Hollingworth, Michael Baca, Dudley Dudley, Terie Norelli, Clay Pell, Carol Shea-Porter and Courtney Watson.

Many on the left allege Russia and President Vladimir Putin helped elevate Trump’s campaign, which he has vigorously rejected:

WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange has declared that Russia was not the source of the leaked DNC and Hillary Clinton emails.

This article continues at [Breitbart] Report: Electors Will Not Receive Intelligence Briefing on Russia Prior to Vote

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