Scene from "Me Before You"

Euthanasia film stole my story and twisted it, quadriplegic charges

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The newly released movie “Me Before You” features an ultra-rich, ultra-selfish playboy who after an accident becomes severely disabled, and despite having a loving and supportive family around him and a beautiful and loyal girlfriend by his side, kills himself at a Swiss euthanasia facility.

The story comes from a novel of the same title by British author Jojo Moyes. The book became so popular that she has written a sequel, and if the movie is successful, anticipation is there will be a movie sequel as well.

Neither Moyes, nor the actor playing the quadriplegic, nor the director or anyone else working on the film are severely disabled. In fact, author Moyes admits that before writing the book, she had never even met a quadriplegic.

The film features references to a book by Francesco Clark, titled “Walking Papers,” which autobiographically tells his story in dealing with an accident that paralyzed him from the neck down.

Now Clark is criticizing the movie, joining his voice with a slew of other activists for the disabled, who are offended by the movie’s inaccurate depiction of quadriplegics and “dangerous” conclusions that the loving thing for a paralyzed person to do is kill himself.

This article continues at [Life Site News] Quadriplegic speaks out after pro-euthanasia film Me Before You used his story without permission

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