Greenville policemen serve and protect family of fallen brethren

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Expectant Mom Meghan Jacobs was excitedly looking forward to welcoming her first child with her husband, Allen—a girl whose name, Lennox, they’d chosen together—when unthinkable tragedy struck. Allen, a Greenville, South Carolina, police officer, was killed in the line of duty earlier this year on March 18.

Despite her grief, Meghan decided to honor her late husband and their new daughter with a maternity photo shoot, and luckily, one of her best friends, Jessie Ellex, was on hand to provide the photography expertise. The six-hour shoot resulted in over 600 amazing, beautiful photos, but as Ellex told ABC News, the real magic happened when the shoot was near its end. As Meghan posed for Ellex, several police cars containing 10 of Allen Jacobs’ fellow Greenville Police Officers and one of their K9 police dog rolled up. “When the police officers met us around 7:30 [p.m.] all I could do was fight back tears. But we all pushed through,” Ellex said. As it turns out, the officers had come to the photo shoot at Meghan Jacobs’ request—not usual duties for an officer of the law, but an act that shows the amazing support these men show for their co-workers and their families.

The resulting photos of the grieving widow, her unborn daughter and her husband’s brothers in arms have now gone viral, with over 100,00 likes and 13,000 comments on Ellex’s photography Facebook page.

Ellex added that “the tone of photo shoot was very mixed. It was, of course, very somber, but bittersweet, knowing Meghan and Lennox have the support of the Greenville Police Department.”

She also said Jacobs was pleased with the photos, which was a relief to her because, she says, “Meghan is like a sister to me.”

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