People watch a religion conversion ceremony, where devotees are converted from Christianity to Hinduism, at Hasayan town in Uttar Pradesh August 29, 2014.

Hindu villagers beat and hospitalize Christians who refused to convert

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Christians in a tribal village in India had to flee their homes after allegedly receiving threats from Hindus that they would be killed if they didn’t convert.

According to UCA News, six Christian families, composed of 37 members, fled from the Katodi village in the Kanker district, Chhattisgarh state in late April, days after a village meeting was held where the Hindu villagers demanded that they give up their Christians faith.

“When they refused, they were beaten,” pastor Moses Annel told UCA News. “Six of them suffered internal injuries and are still undergoing treatment in a government hospital.”

The Christians complained to authorities, and district officials intervened. The Hindu villagers said that would not harm the Christians, but four days later, on April 29, their homes were demolished and they were not allowed to get water from the village’s water source. According to the report, the villagers also threatened to kill them if the the police complaint is not removed. The Christians fled, journeying 70 kilometers to a hilltop forest.

Police inspector D.P. Shrivastava reportedly said that the conflict that arose on April 25 was due to a financial issue and not a religious one, as the Christians allegedly did not want to contribute money for a temple festival.

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