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How U.S. Christian schools prepare for Obama’s transgender directive

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In the aftermath of President Barack Obama’s transgender directive to schools, Christian K-12 schools are preparing for how the ruling could affect them.

In response to the president’s order that public schools to allow students to use the restrooms and changing facilities that correspond to their gender identities, Christian Schools International (CSI) and Association of Christian Schools international (ACSI) issued gender policy guidelines to their Christian school members.

Tom Cathey, ACSI’s director for legal/legislative Issues, and Jeff Blamer, CSI’s vice president of member affairs, do not expect the policies to cause families to leave public schools for Christian schools in large numbers. Both organizations encouraged schools to review and clarify their mission statements and policies to include the definition of marriage, the roles of men and women, and biological identity.

A May 13 letter from the Obama administration said public schools that don’t comply with the transgender directive will lose federal education funding.

The federal directive came amid dueling lawsuits between North Carolina and the Justice Department over a state law that protects businesses that base access to restrooms and locker rooms on biology, rather than gender identity.

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