Howie Carr: Trump-bashing gets personal as friends part across the US

Howie Carr: Trump-bashing gets personal as friends part across the US

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So now it turns out that the Trump-voting neighbor of deranged Bernie Sanders campaign worker James Hodgkinson was giving the bloodthirsty moonbat a good leaving alone in downstate ­Illinois.

“He was a Democrat and I was a Republican,” Aaron Meurer told the Belleville News-Democrat, “so we didn’t have too much to talk about.”

Naturally the mainstream media claims to find this “troubling,” not to mention “problematic.” Why can’t we all get along, as Rodney King once said. But what the hell was Meurer supposed to discuss with his Bernie Bro neighbor? Last night’s Rachel Maddow hatefest on MSNBC? Robert B. Reich’s latest unhinged book rant? Hodgkinson’s job — oh that’s right, he didn’t work. After all, he was a Bernie Bro. He just wanted free stuff.

Was Meurer supposed to make small talk: “Hi Jim! Any new additions to your GOP congressman hit list? Have you signed any more petitions supporting Katherine Clark’s legislation?”

Gee, why would Trump voters not want to have anything to do with the Beautiful People?

Every day, across the country, Trump supporters are brutally attacked by the sore losers of Nov. 8. This week in Indiana, a pick-up truck with a Trump flag was fired upon.

There’s a special congressional election in suburban Atlanta Tuesday. Late last week, neighbors of the GOP candidate found envelopes full of white powder in their mailbox, along with a vile note that said, among other things, “STRING UP THE COLLABORATORS!”

In other words, lynch Republicans. Talk about back to the future, in Georgia of all places. Somewhere Democrat Govs. Gene Talmadge and Lester Maddox are smiling. But is this a good look for the same party that brought us the Ku Klux Klan, Jim Crow, the poll tax, massive resistance and Bull Connor?

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