India study: 12 million children have been married prior to age 10

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Each year, millions of Indian children are married well before the legal age. Child marriages are illegal in India but the practice is growing.

Today, 12 million children were married before turning age 10, according to IndiaSpend. This goes on despite the legal age for marriage being 18 for girls and 21 for boys. 

Most child marriages occur in rural regions in secret, where boys and girls often marry extremely young for economic reasons. Eighty-four percent of these children are Hindu, and 11 percent are Muslim.

In these areas, the majority live on $1 a day. As a result, girls are considered to be extreme burdens to their families. Parents will pay less of a dowry the earlier their daughter is married. 

After the girls are married, they move in with their husband’s family relieving the parents of the financial burden.

This article continues at [CBN] Shocking Number: 12 Million Children Married Before Age 10

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