[John Carpay] B.C. Human Rights Commission 'deciding what is true' an affront to a free society

[John Carpay] B.C. Human Rights Commission ‘deciding what is true’ an affront to a free society

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[ThePostMillenial.com] For those who cherish a free society, the recent BC Human Rights Tribunal (BCHRT) ruling in Oger v. Whatcott is an alarming step toward a darker future in which the government actively punishes citizens who object to political correctness.  The BCHRT has ordered a Canadian citizen to pay $55,000 for peacefully expressing the “wrong” opinions.

VIDEO: In the United States, where unpopular views are still lampooned not prosecuted, comedian Jon Stewart poked fun at Bill Whatcott nationwide on the popular late night comedy series ‘The Daily Show’ [2012]

The case arose during the 2017 British Columbia provincial election, in which Oger ran unsuccessfully for the NDP.  Whatcott distributed a one-page flyer stating, in part, that Oger “is a biological male who has renamed himself ‘Morgane Oger’ after he embraced a transvestite lifestyle. Ronan is running for the NDP in the Vancouver-False Creek riding and BC’s media and the NDP are promoting a false narrative that Ronan is a woman born into a male body.”

Whatcott further stated: “I am writing this flyer this election to share my concern about the promotion and growth of homosexuality and transvestitism in British Columbia and how it is obscuring the immutable truth about our God given gender.  …. the media, NDP, and everyone in the riding might try to pretend Ronan is a woman. But the truth is Ronan’s DNA will always be male, he will never have a uterus, and no amount of cosmetic surgery, fake hormones, or media propaganda is going to be able to change these facts. …   ‘transgenderism’ is an impossibility. A male cannot ‘transition’ into a female, nor can a female ‘transition’ into a male. One can only cross dress and disfigure themselves with surgery and hormones to look like the gender they are not. This practice is harmful and displeasing to God.”

Whatcott is no angel.  He often uses inflammatory and offensive language that repels even those who might be his ideological allies.  For example: “Those who embrace the transvestite and homosexual lifestyles put themselves at greatly increased risk of diseases such as HIV, syphilis, HPV of the rectum, anal gonorrhea, Hepatitis A,B & C, etc…. Homosexuals and transgenders are also at increased risk of drug and alcohol abuse, suicide, and domestic violence. In addition to the physical and social consequences of adopting a false sexual and gender identity, there are spiritual consequences too.  Our God is a God of truth.”

In its ruling, the BCHRT reproduced Whatcott’s flyer in its entirety, including text not cited above.  The BCHRT ordered Whatcott to pay $35,000 to Oger for having peacefully distributed offensive flyers during an election, plus $20,000 regarding “improper conduct” during the hearing.  Most of Whatcott’s “improper conduct” consisted of referring to Oger as a man.

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