Kurdistan's one Christian minister swears oath on Bible burned by ISIS

Kurdistan’s one Christian minister swears oath on Bible burned by ISIS

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[Asia News] For Christians, Chaldeans, Assyrians and Syriacs, it is a “challenge” to remain “in the land of our fathers” despite the violence and persecution. This was stated by Ano Jawhar Abdulmasih Abdoka, the only Christian minister of the new government of the autonomous region of Kurdistan (Krg), after swearing his oath yesterday on an ancient Bible burnt by the jihadists of the Islamic State (IS, ex Isis).

VIDEO: [Smithsonian Channel] The damaged ancient Bible used to swear in Kurdistan’s only Christian minister wasn’t the only religious symbol to survive the wrath Islamic jihadist’s wrath. ISIS’ plan to destroy the Shrine of Jonah backfired. Their act of archaeological terrorism in Mosul has uncovered another more significant shrine. [Sept. 14, 2018]

The gesture, adds the politician, to affirm Christian belonging together with the bond with “the plain of Nineveh, Iraq, Mesopotamia and Kurdistan” which “are our lands”.

Head of the Department of Transport and Communications, he is the only Christian member of the government led by Masrour Barzani representing the Alliance of National Unity (Assyrian, Syriac and Chaldean faction).

As a first symbolic act, the minister decided to take an oath on a 400-year-old manuscript damaged by jihadists to “prove that Christians will remain an essential component” of the region.  Asked by the Kurdish agency Rudaw, Abdoka said he wanted to recall with his gesture the “terrible atrocities” committed by ISIS, in particular against the Christian minorities, the Yazidis and Kakais in the northern province of Nineveh.

“All of us – he added – were affected in various ways” by jihadists and we bear the consequences.  Speaking of his role as a minister, he said he wanted to operate according to a “modern” and “developed” methodology.

This article continues at [Asia News] Christian minister of the new Kurdistan government swears on a Bible burned by Isis

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