Lawsuits seek to force the federal government to obey the federal law

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The law in question is the Weldon Amendment, which prohibits any federal, state or local government from forcing support for abortion. ADF attorney Casey Mattox tells OneNewsNow why his firm asked for a ruling from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.

“California has forced every church to include elective abortion in their insurance plans, and the Obama administration has decided that it is not going to enforce a federal law that explicitly prohibits this,” he explains. 

After two years, HHS issued a ruling that says there’s no problem with California forcing abortion on churches. Mattox says the result is the administration is simply refusing to enforce the Weldon Amendment, a law passed by Congress. However, that doesn’t mean the battle for justice is over.

This article continues at [One News Now] California churches ask gov’t to obey law

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