Leftist German parties striving to thwart mass deportations

Leftist German parties striving to thwart mass deportations

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While the German federal government is looking to increase the number of deportations of failed asylum seekers, regional governments led by left-wing parties are trying to prevent them.

According to the German Federal Agency for Migration and Refugees (BAMF), of the 1.4 million migrants who came to the country since 2014 fewer than half were granted full asylum; the remaining half were then considered either failed asylum seekers or illegal immigrants, reports Die Welt.

Of the hundreds of thousands of potential deportees only 95,000, mostly from the Balkans, have voluntarily left Germany to return to their homelands. While some Syrians and Afghan nationals have gone back due to disappointment with their standard of living in asylum homes, many failed asylum seekers from North Africa remain due to the high costs and uncooperative governments in their home countries.

The parties of the German left – the Social Democrats (SPD), the Greens, and Die Linke (the Left) – want to open up potential paths for failed asylum seekers to become residents rather than deport them. Already, the new left-wing coalition government in the German capital of Berlin are using their power to prevent deportations in the city.

The “red-red-green” coalition as they are known want to create a “paradigm shift” that would encourage rejected asylum seekers to go home voluntarily rather than force them to leave. The move could cause problems as many who refuse to leave could be given permanent residency status which after eight years could even lead to them being afforded German citizenship.

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