Let each state, not Washington, set the minimum wage, Trump declares

The State
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The Hillary Clinton campaign launched criticism at the Donald Trump campaign Monday for suggesting the minimum wage be left to the states.

Trump argued during a Sunday interview with NBC the federal government should not set a minimum wage. Jake Sullivan, a top foreign policy adviser for Clinton, said the idea would hurt millions of workers in regions that have a minimum wage below the federal floor.

“If that were to happen, if the federal minimum wage were to be eliminated, there would be a number of states in this country, where millions of workers live, where the minimum wage would drop immediately,” Sullivan said, according to the Daily Mail Online. “And we can anticipate that this would unleash a race to the bottom.”

Trump has been sympathetic of low-wage earners, but still argues states are best equipped to judge an appropriate wage floor for their residents. He also noted the competition between states would also help yield the best results. The current federal minimum wage is at $7.25 an hour.

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