Muslim mob attacks and wrecks suspected new Egyptian church building

The Faith
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Homes and property belonging to the Coptic community of Qarayat al Bayda village near Alexandria were attacked on 17 June by angry crowds protesting at rumours that a house under construction was being turned into a church.

According to Daily News Egypt, the house owner, Naeem Aziz, also known as Maurice Aziz, stated he was building the new house for his son. However, after Friday prayers on 17 June, a large crowd attacked the house and the building materials being used in its construction. In addition Mr Aziz and his brother Moussa were assaulted and adjacent houses and property were attacked and looted, including a community centre belonging to the local Church of the Holy Virgin and the Archangel Michael. A car belonging to the priest, Father Karass, was damaged and a nearby motorcycle set ablaze.

Ramy Kashwaa, a local Coptic activist who witnessed the events first-hand stated: “Had it not been for the intervention of our sane Muslim brothers, the pastor could have died.”

A video filmed at the time of the attack shows the large crowd that had gathered chanting slogans including, “we don’t want a church.”


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