Now that US GOP nomination process is over let’s fix it (finally)

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Several years ago I joined a poker game with a group of people I’d never met before. The stakes went up and up and at one point a pot reached over $1,000. I had what I was fairly certain was the winning hand, but the dealer, who was a friend of my remaining opponent, “accidentally” flipped his last card up, not down. Normally the rule is that the misdealt card is “burned” and a replacement card is dealt face down. ‎No harm, no foul.

In this instance, I was informed “house rules” say the player gets to choose whether he wants the card or a replacement. This effectively gave him two last cards, and sure enough he pulled his full house after rejecting the first card.

Cheated, I high-tailed it out of there and ‎never went back. The “never-Trump” movement would have said, ‘Too bad. You should have known the house rules before you sat down.’

For four months I (mostly) kept my mouth shut during the GOP presidential delegate chase, but now that it is over, I want to shout it from the rafters: the nomination process is the most corrupt, elitist, anti-democratic system for choosing a president imaginable. It is rotten to the core.

It is what millions of primary voters are rebelling against — even as 35 states had lined up for Trump, super PACS, professional politicians, and party hacks conspired on how to overrule the will of the voters and pick the candidate THEY wanted.

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