Philippines president issues challenge to God: 'Prove You exist and I will step down.'

Philippines president issues challenge to God: ‘Prove You exist and I will step down.’

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[UK Independent] The president of the Philippines has vowed to step down immediately if it can be proven to him that God is real through a selfie.

VIDEO: [CNN Philippines] Rody Duterte, President of the Philippines, refuses to apologize for calling God ‘stupid’

Rodrigo Duterte sparked outrage in his largely Roman Catholic country by saying that if just one Christian told him truthfully that they had been to heaven and had a conversation with God, he would quit.

He also attacked the Catholic Church for collecting funds from members, accusing it of using donations to “maintain the palaces and the luxurious things that the rest of humanity do not have”.

“If you are really helping people, why do you ask money from them?” he asked.

Two weeks ago, the president angered believers by calling God “stupid” and “a son of a b****” and questioning certain beliefs, such as the story of creation, the concept of heaven and hell, and the last supper.

Christian groups accused him of insulting God and demanded an apology, to which he replied: “Not in a million years.”

Mr Duterte, who was giving an unrehearsed speech on Friday, said: “If there is any one of you…who say you’d been to heaven, talked to God, saw him personally, and that he exists, the God is yours, and if he does, it’s true, I will step down the presidency”.

“I just need one witness who will say, ‘Those fools at the church ordered me to go to heaven and talk to God. God really exists. We have a picture together and I brought a selfie’,” he added during the opening of a science and technology event.

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