Project Veritas video sting lands Democrats in legal hot water

Project Veritas video sting lands Democrats in legal hot water


Paying agitators to bait Trump supporters may be sleazy, but it’s unlikely to result in legal trouble for the Democratic operatives caught in the Project Veritas Action sting.

What may land Democrats in hot water are a number of less-noticed conversations on the explosive undercover videos released last week suggesting coordination among the Hillary Clinton campaign, the Democratic National Committee and pro-Democrat third-party groups.

At least two complaints have been filed with the Federal Election Commission requesting an investigation into suspected wrongdoing.

Such complaints face a high bar: Even when coordination is suspected, it’s difficult to find evidence showing that political campaigns worked in cahoots with third parties such as super PACs. The FEC’s three-prong test holds that complainants must show that coordination involved payment, content and conduct.

“To a large extent, the FEC has never really been forced to come down on people about this coordination,” said Joseph Vanderhulst, legal counsel for the Public Interest Legal Foundation, which filed an FEC complaint last week.

This article continues at [Washington Times] Undercover videos could land Clinton campaign, Democrats in hot water

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