'Should not a biological man use the men’s restroom?'

Senior cardinal says Obama’s potty play shows he opposes human nature

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A top Vatican cardinal blasted the transgender bathroom agenda in the United States on Tuesday as diabolical.

Cardinal Robert Sarah, the prefect for the Congregation of Divine Worship and the Sacraments, said at the National Catholic Prayer Breakfast in Washington, D.C., that there are clear signs in the United States of religious persecution and a war against human nature.

“Do we not see signs of this insidious war in this great nation of the United States?” Sarah asked.  “In the name of ‘tolerance,’ the Church’s teachings on marriage, sexuality and the human person are dismantled.  The legalization of same-sex marriage, the obligation to accept contraception within health care programs, and even ‘bathroom bills’ that allow men to use the women’s restrooms and locker rooms.  Should not a biological man use the men’s restroom?  How simpler can that concept be?”

Sarah’s remarks drew roaring applause. 

He continued, “How low we are sinking for a nation built on a set of moral claims about God, the human person, the meaning of life, and the purpose of society, given by America’s first settlers and founders!  God is named in your founding documents as ‘Creator’ and ‘Supreme Judge’ over individuals and government.  The human person endowed with God-given and therefore inalienable rights to ‘life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.’  George Washington wrote that ‘the establishment of civil and religious liberty was the motive that induced me to the field of battle.’” 

This article continues at [Life Site News] Vatican cardinal: U.S. bathroom battle is part of ‘insidious war’ against human nature

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