Shades of Asimov: Israelis use lander to put 'Foundation'-style knowledge bank on the Moon

Shades of Asimov: Israelis use lander to put ‘Foundation’-style knowledge bank on the Moon

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[Christian Headlines] Israel’s lunar lander is ferrying some very precious cargo to the moon. 

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On board the 1,290lb spacecraft is a set of tiny disks containing a whopping 30 million pages of documents that serve as an archive of human civilization. 

Called the ‘Lunar Library,’ the record was created by the Arch Mission Foundation for the purpose of preserving humanity’s ‘precious knowledge and biological heritage’ well into the future. 

The lunar lander, called Beresheet, blasted off on Thursday from Cape Canaveral atop a Falcon 9 rocket.

As part of its journey, it will orbit the Earth for roughly six weeks, before reaching lunar orbit in early April. If successful, it will then attempt a lunar touchdown on April 11th. 

Beresheet, which translates to Genesis, or ‘In The Beginning,’ is carrying an Israeli flag, as well as the Lunar Library. 

The Lunar Library resembles a ‘120mm DVD,’ but it’s actually composed of 25 nickel film discs, each being just 40 microns thick, according to the Arch Mission Foundation. 

The first four layers are made up of 60,000 photographs of pages of books, photos, illustrations and documents. 

This article continues at [UK Daily Mail] The ‘Lunar Library’ backing up all of humanity: Israeli lander sent to the moon is carrying 30 MILLION PAGES of humankind’s ‘precious knowledge and biological heritage’

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