[Shane Miller] Built on great ideals, America the beautiful is still humanity's hope

[Shane Miller] Built on great ideals, America the beautiful is still humanity’s hope

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[ThePostMillenial.com] Will the American experiment endure?

VIDEO: [PragerU] The American ‘Trinity’ (i.e. the three core American values: ‘E Plurabus Unum,’ ‘In God We Trust,’ and Liberty. [Aug 1, 2013]

As many believe the country is in crisis, such a question will indeed be asked amid celebrations and be the subject of many reflections. Are there still reasons to be patriotic? Was America ever great to begin with?

In the current scene, there is word that confidence in America is decreasing. There are those who think Donald Trump poses a unique threat to its survival as he moves America towards the abyss with his warped understanding of the Presidency. There are those of more composed temperament who look objectively at the corrosive political culture that has manifested itself, of which Trump has been both a facilitator and a product. Of course, there is also the wokescolds that direct their tongue-lashings towards America’s foundations, and aspire to be the ones to dismantle them while giving voters a million and ten reasons to vote Trump back in. They are surely using the occasion to try and explain why their delusional insurrection must prevail. To them, America is nothing but a podium on which oppressors have stood to preserve their power and privilege while violating the “Other.” Such demagoguery has taken the broader culture, and many have embraced it as a way to adequately oppose Trump.

Seeing the opportunity for social aggrandizement, Nike has pulled a tennis shoe that had a design that included a Betsy Ross-era American flag. Obviously done to preemptively thwart an outrage campaign, this was at the behest of the quarterback turned activist Colin Kaepernick, who complained that it had offensive “racial undertones” and connections to slavery. “Very well, Comrade Kaepernick,” must have said the converted wokescolds at Nike. So, too, did some of the Democratic candidates, with a few of them urging Americans to be cognizant of the pain such a symbol might impose on minorities. Michael Eric Dyson, the academic and wannabe sesquipedalian who race-baits incessantly, took it up a notch by comparing the star spangled banner to the swastika. This incendiary rhetoric comes from a wretched view of the history of the American project—the same project that has granted Kaepernick and Dyson the opportunity to live a luxurious life while they defile it.

The mainstreaming of self-flagellation and masochistic denial of a country’s worth is sad to see, especially as a Canadian who loves America. Bastardizing American exceptionalism—the idea first articulated by Alexis de Tocqueville that America is a unique nation due to its founding ideologies and institutions—is common in the academy and has become more and more popular. I regretfully recall one of my professors expressing her glee that anyone arguing in favour of exceptionalism was losing influence. And you hear these sorts of things at the Oscars, on debate stages, and in most of the mainstream media. Narratives from which one can only gather that America is racist and malevolent are the ones that prevail. Constant self- criticism is necessary, but this phenomenon has given rise to a reflexive hatred of anything American. This is how a country loses sight of itself and its ideals.

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