Teacher who wants to be referred to as ‘they’ wins $60K settlement

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An Oregon district had to pay a transgender teacher $60,000 over a complaint that colleagues did not address her by her chosen pronoun.

Leo Soell, who formerly identified as a woman, wants to be addressed as “they.” However, school staff contnued to use the words “she” or “lady” in reference to her. Soell threatened to file a complaint that also alledged others prevented her from using the gender-neutral restroom.

An investigation found no proof of harassment, but the school district still gave Soell $60,000 for emotional damages to avoid legal fees.

Soell told the Portland Tribune, “I had all this privilege to now have a body that fits my gender and even the ability to buy clothes that fit my gender. Not everyone can do that. … I match up quite a lot with my gender, but people still misgender me.”

Evangelist Franklin Graham expressed disbelief over the suit on his Facebook page.

This article continues at [CBN] He, She or They? How the Wrong Pronoun Cost a School District $60,000

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