Ted Byfield: Is Arab oil money finding its way into the Canadian media?

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A while back in this space I ran an article on what is in fact a journalistic mystery — the decision of the National Post to devote five of its news pages to what it described as the rise and fall of Ezra Levant and his news medium, The Rebel. Neither has actually fallen, though the Post obviously expects them to do so momentarily.

Two things fascinated me. One was the extraordinary length of the story — about 10,000 words. Even the Post‘s founder, the voluble Conrad Black, rarely exceeds 3,000, but he invariably  holds your interest. This thing doesn’t. Getting through it all is hard work. So running it regardless must represent a top  management decision. It must have been policy, big-time policy!

Second, and far more significantly, although Ezra is vulnerable to attack on many fronts, the one singled out for dominant attention was his vigorous opposition to Islam and the jihadic terrorism it increasingly generates. The author invented a term to describe it — “counter-jihadism”–  a new nominee for the Left’s boundless inventory of shiboleths, nearly always undefined.  In the article Ezra is again and again portrayed as a leading counter-jihadist. But what exactly is counter-jihadism?

Think about that term. To counter something (says Oxford) means to “oppose, dispute, argue with, contradict, controvert, negate, challenge, or contest.” Now all of the people I know. without exception, would use any or all of these words to express what they think of, and how they would respond to jihadism. Maybe it’s peculiar to the crowd I run with, but I do know and like many Leftist people, all of whom would “oppose, dispute, argue with, contradict, controvert, negate, challenge, or contest” jihadism. One may validly conclude, surely, that in his counter-jihadism Ezra aligns himself with most of the country.

And where, one may ask, are Canada’s pro-jihadists? Those would be the people who presumably admire and applaud deliberately running over women and children on the street. blowing up crowds in shopping malls, cutting the heads off unarmed military personnel, and making sex slaves of  all attainable “infidel” women, always in the name of Allah. It is not, thank heaven, a large constituency.

This article continues at [Ted Byfield Blog] Is Arab oil money finding its way into the Canadian media?

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